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West Coast Leaders Commit to Sponsor Pilot Projects with State and Local Agencies and WCX

As part of the Action Plan commitments, the leaders agreed to sponsor pilot projects with local governments, state agencies and the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange (WCX.) WCX will be working with administration officials in each state to identify and screen potential pilot projects that demonstrate effective engagement of private capital to improve our infrastructure while increasing climate resilience and delivering greater value for taxpayers.  Potential project types include water supply and treatment, energy efficiency and transportation, among others.

The Action Plan commitment to WCX pilot projects states:

“The West Coast Infrastructure Exchange is demonstrating how to attract private capital for infrastructure projects while increasing climate resilience through best practices and certification standards.  To scale up these efforts, the governments of California, Oregon and Washington will sponsor pilot projects with local governments and state agencies and the WCX.  WCX also works closely with Partnerships BC, a center of infrastructure financing expertise established by the government of British Columbia that has helped secure financing for over 40 projects worth more than C$17 billion.”

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