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WCX Conducts PBI Training for the Public Sector

WCX Conducts Training for Public Employees on Performance-Based Infrastructure from the Public Perspective

Please contact Scott Boardman (contact information at the bottom of the page) to attain the training materials

On April 14, 2016, the West Coast Infrastructure Exchange hosted a training for the public sector focused on performance-based infrastructure (PBI) in the public sector. The training was attended by approximately 50 public employees from a variety of public organizations within Oregon, Washington, and California as well as federal agencies.

The program spanned multiple asset types, including transportation, water, and social (buildings) infrastructure. The training was split into two main modules:
  1. The Basics of Performance-Based Infrastructure
  2. PBI Case Studies from the Public Sector Perspective
Presentations included:
  • Performance-Based Infrastructure for the Public Sector
    • Part 1: What is it? Why would you utilize it? When is it appropriate?
    • Part 2: Ensuring value for the public
  • PBI Projects: Colorado Experience
  • Governor George Duekmejian Courthouse
  • Wilsonville Wastewater Treatment Plant
If you are interested in attaining the presentations, please contact Scott Boardman at scott.boardman@westcoastx.org or (503) 477-9259.